10 signed gets looser content model (paraContent, not phraseSeq) and allowed to appear at top of div as well as bottom FR 478 A26154, A27483, A32426, A32549, A36554, A37296, A48960, A55774, A56659, A67914,
5 stage gets placement attributes, and allowed in model.phrase FR 476/ A03496, A50520, A72473, A74820, A93563,
39 trailer gets looser content model to let it contain l etc FR 477 A01472, A02399, A05547, A06710, A08305, A11186, A11628, A11722, A11909, A12561, A15987, A16500, A21693, A22151, A29149, A38036, A49188, A50781, A54500, A55498, A59608, A64889, A67545, A68040, A68694, A69753, A75033, A76066, A87070, A87181, A88381, A89408, B02734, B04487, B04766, B04950, K095991.000, K098900.005, K112795.002
16 salute gets looser content model (paraContent), allowing list FR 433 A05583, A14163, A15145, A18939, A33874, A42610, A44360, A47586, A48308, A53440, A54093, A55638, A60205, A63243, A72160, A88237,