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1. Summary

  • Survey some of the chapters of the TEI Guidelines and various related issues
  • We tried to concerntrate on areas where the Guidelines have changed substantially from TEI P4
  • Overall, this is meant to be an introduction to the TEI that should help you go to the Guidelines to find out more
  • The Guidelines are the primary source of information about TEI P5, but there are also other community sources such as the TEI-L mailing list and the wiki

2. Website

  • All the materials for this website are available at:
  • These items are freely available for re-use by the TEI Community
  • All of the materials for this workshop were written in TEI P5 XML
  • While much of this material is new, some slides come from previous presentations by others, especially Lou Burnard and Sebastian Rahtz
  • All of the material borrows liberally from the TEI Guidelines (and is proud of it!)

3. Post-Workshop

  • Dot and I are, of course, happy to receive feedback from you later
  • We're also happy to help in answering questions you may have (but if generally applicable, ask them on TEI-L so everyone benefits!)
  • Moving from P4 to P5 means not only migrating texts, but the tools that support them -- try where possible to make those tools generic and available to the community

4. Next...?

Next we're going to finish the workshop by answering whatever questions you may have about TEI P5, and moving on to a group-discussion of your projects and concerns. (Those who have no questions and/or don't want to participate in the group discussion can feel free to leave whenever they wish!)

That website URL again is: http://tei.oucs.ox.ac.uk/Oxford/2007-10-31-MMWorkshop/

James Cummings and Dot Porter. Date: 2007-10-31
Copyright University of Oxford