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1. Other Important Chapters

  • v. A Gentle Introduction to XML
  • 6. Verse
  • 7. Performance Texts
  • 8. Transcriptions of Speech
  • 9. Dictionaries
  • 12. Critical Apparatus
  • 14. Tables, Formulae, and Graphics
  • 15. Language Corpora
  • 16. Linking, Segmentation, and Alignment
  • 17. Simple Analytic Mechanisms
  • 22. Documentation Elements
  • 23. Using the TEI

2. v. A Gentle Introduction to XML

  • Moved to Front Matter of Guidelines
  • Updated to modern use of XML, namespaces, schemas, etc.
  • A must-read for those new to XML
  • Considers the nature of markup, why XML is so special, and the structures we create with them

3. 6. Verse

  • <rhyme> element added to make rhyming part of metrical line
  • Core: <lg> (line-groups) enclose <l> (line) elements
  • Module Elements: <caesura>, <metDecl>, <metSym>, <rhyme>
<lg rhyme="abab">
 <l>A pleasing land of drowsy head it <rhyme label="a">was</rhyme>,</l>
 <l> Of dreams that wave before the half-shut <rhyme label="b">eye</rhyme>;</l>
 <l>And of gay castles in the clouds that <rhyme label="a">pass</rhyme>,</l>
 <l> For ever flushing round a summer <rhyme label="b">sky</rhyme>.</l>
 <trailer>CASTLE OF INDOLENCE.</trailer>

4. 7. Performance Texts

  • Core: <sp>, <speech>, <speaker>
  • Module Elements: <actor>, <camera>, <caption>, <castGroup>, <castItem>, <castList>, <epilogue>, <move>, <performance>, <prologue>, <role>, <roleDesc>, <set>, <sound>, <tech>, <view>
  <role>Ichabod Crane</role>
  <actor>James Cummings</actor>
  <role>Katrina Van Tassel</role>
  <actor>Dot Porter</actor>

5. 8. Transcriptions of Speech

  • Module Elements: <broadcast>, <equipment>, <incident>, <kinesic>, <pause>, <recording>, <recordingStmt>, <scriptStmt>, <shift>, <u>, <vocal>, <writing>
  • <incident> replaces <event> which has been re-purposed
<u>What passed at this interview I will not pretend
to say, for in fact I do not know.<pause dur="PT5S"/> Something, however, I fear me, must have gone wrong.<gap/>
 <vocal dur="PT2S">
  <desc>cries in anguish</desc>
 </vocal>Oh these women! these women! <kinesic dur="PT1.5S">
  <desc>shakes head sadly</desc>
 </kinesic> Could that girl have been playing off any of her coquettish tricks?</u>

6. 9. Dictionaries

  • Module Elements: <case>, <colloc>, <def>, <dictScrap>, <entry>, <entryFree>, <etym>, <form>, <gen>, <gram>, <gramGrp>, <hom>, <hyph>, <iType>, <lang>, <lbl>, <mood>, <number>, <oRef>, <oVar>, <orth>, <pRef>, <pVar>, <per>, <pos>, <pron>, <re>, <sense>, <stress>, <subc>, <superEntry>, <syll>, <tns>, <usg>, <xr>
 <sense n="1">
  <def>a rider or driver of horses; especially: one whose skill is exceptional</def>

7. 12. Critical Apparatus

  • Module Elements: <app>, <lacunaEnd>, <lacunaStart>, <lem>, <listWit>, <rdg>, <rdgGrp>, <variantEncoding>, <wit>, <witDetail>, <witEnd>, <witStart>, <witness>
<p>Certain it is, this was not the case with the redoubtable Brom Bones;
and <app>
  <rdg wit="#msA">from the moment Ichabod Crane made his advances,</rdg>
  <rdg wit="#msB">coincidentally when Ichabod Crane made his advances,</rdg>
  <rdg wit="#msC">from the moment Ichabod Crane started to sing,</rdg>
 </app> the interests of the former evidently declined;</p>

8. 14. Tables, Formulae, and Graphics

  • Module Elements: <cell>, <figDesc>, <figure>, <formula>, <row>, <table>
  <cell>Van Tassel, Katrina</cell>
  <cell>As beautiful as she is talented</cell>
<!-- more table rows of Ichabod's grading book-->

9. 15. Language Corpora

  • Module Elements: <activity>, <channel>, <constitution>, <derivation>, <domain>, <factuality>, <interaction>, <locale>, <particDesc>, <preparedness>, <purpose>, <setting>, <settingDesc>, <textDesc>
 <setting who="#p1 #p2">
  <name type="village">Sleep Hollow</name>
  <date>early spring, 1789</date>
  <locale>a farm house, sat by the hearth</locale>
 <setting who="#p3">
  <name type="city">Sleepy Hollow</name>
  <date>early spring, 1789</date>
  <locale>school house</locale>

10. 16. Linking, Segmentation, and Alignment

  • Module Elements: <ab>, <alt>, <altGrp>, <anchor>, <join>, <joinGrp>, <link>, <linkGrp>, <seg>, <timeline>, <when>
<p xml:id="p123">These magic books and the poetic scrawls
were forthwith consigned to the flames by
<persName xml:id="HVR5">Hans Van Ripper</persName>;
who from that time forward determined to send
his children no more to school; observing, that he
never knew any good come of this same reading and writing. </p> [...]

 <link targets="#p123 facs.xml#graphic-p123"/>
 <link targets="#HVR5 people.xml#VanRipperH5"/>

11. 17. Simple Analytic Mechanisms

  • Module Elements: <c>, <cl>, <interp>, <interpGrp>, <m>, <phr>, <s>, <span>, <spanGrp>, <w>
<u><s><w ana="#AT0">The</w>
<w ana="#NN1">victim</w><w ana="#POS">'s</w>
<w ana="#NN2">friends</w><w ana="#VVD">told</w>
<w ana="#NN2">villagers</w><w ana="#CJT">that</w>
<w ana="#AT0">the</w><w ana="NPO">Headless</w>
<w ana="NPO">Horseman</w><w ana="#VVD">rode</w>
<w ana="#PRP">into</w><w ana="#AT0">the</w>
<w ana="#NN1">forest</w><w ana="#CJC">and</w>
<w ana="#AV0">never</w><w ana="#VVD">surfaced</w>

12. 23. Using the TEI

  • The new 'Using the TEI' chapter does not define a module of elements
  • It contains sections on:
    • 23.1 Obtaining the TEI Schemas
    • 23.2 Personalization and Customization
    • 23.3 Conformance
    • 23.4 Implementation of an ODD system

13. Chapters I've not mentioned

  • 18. Feature Structures
  • 19. Graphs, Networks, and Trees
  • 20. Non-hierarchical Structures
  • 21. Certainty and Responsibility
  • Appendices of Reference Material

14. Next...?

Next James will talk briefly about Publishing/Access TEI Documents.

James Cummings. Date: 2007-10-31
Copyright University of Oxford