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1. Workshop Abstract

This workshop is intended as a crash course in Markup, XML, and TEI for the Man of Law's Tale Project at the Department of the History of English, School of English, Adam Mickiewicz University , PoznaƄ, Poland. It attempts to concentrate on the basics before fairly swiftly moving to an overview of the kinds of markup concerns that those involved with a Canterbury Tales encoding project might face.

2. Timetable

The timetable for the workshop is as follows:
Session Topic Slides
Session 1: Introduction to the concept of textual markup, XML, and editing options for TEI users . This will be followed by a simple exercise in editing XML PDF
Session 2: Introduction to the TEI, its class system, default text structure, and core elements and header. This will be followed by an exercise in editing a TEI document's header. PDF
Session 3: TEI XML and markup concerns for medievalists and textual scholars. This will be followed by an exercise in editing medieval texts. PDF
Session 4: A presentation on TEI markup for people, places, names and dates will be followed by one on TEI Markup for facsimiles and text/image editions. If there is time there is an optional exercise for editing documents with the techniques for people/places/names. PDF
Session 5: An introduction to Schemas, DTDs, TEI ODD and Roma with an explanation of how to customise the TEI to suit your own needs. A brief survey of some other important TEI chapters will be followed by an exercise where Roma is used to produce customised TEI schemas and documentation. PDF
Session 6: A presentation on transforming, querying, and publishing TEI XML, will be followed by a group discussion on the workshop as a whole and local projects. PDF

3. Workshop Materials

All the workshop materials are available for re-use under a Creative Commons Attribution license. Rendered HTML, and PDF Slides are available from the timetable above. The underlying workshop materials will eventually be available as 2007-12-Poznan.zip.

James Cummings. Date: 2007-10-31
Copyright University of Oxford