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This two-day course combines coverage of the latest version of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) Recommendations for the encoding of digital text with hands-on practical exercises in their application.

Participants should be be broadly familiar with the idea of marking up text, with (for example) some experience of producing HTML web pages, or of traditional scholarly editing.

At the end of the course we hope to have given you:
  1. a good grounding in the theoretical issues underlying the use of text markup, XML in particular;
  2. an understanding of the purpose and principles of the Text Encoding Initiative;
  3. a review of the full range of modules constituting the TEI's current Recommendations;
  4. an understanding of how the TEI scheme can be customized for particular applications, and internationalizated for different languages.
We will also aim to provide you with practical experience in:
  • using online tools to build, verify, and document a TEI-conformant schema
  • using XML editing software to
    • create new encoded texts
    • standardize existing digital texts
  • using a variety of web-based and desktop tools to display and analyse TEI documents
The structure for the workshop is as follows:

Sebastian Rahtz. Date: February 2009
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