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We have a basic TEI document, but there is a lot more we could do it. There are people, places, and dates mentioned in the prose. Let us try to mark those up.

  • For each name you can recognize (it is often marked in bold or italic) put it into a <name> element; distinguish between people and places by using the type attribute on <name>. eg
    <p>The scene opens at a party given by
    <name type="person">Potiphar</name> in <name type="place">Venice</name>.</p>
  • One of the paragraphs talks about an event of 1873. This needs marking with a <date>.
  • The characters Joseph and Potiphar appear often. Make a new <listPerson> element in the header inside <sourceDesc> and create <person> elements for Joseph and Potiphar, giving them xml:id attributes. Link the occurrences of these names to the person using the ref attribute. eg <person xml:id="JO"> is pointed to by
    <name ref="#JO">Joseph</name>

Whatever you do, make sure its still valid TEI!

Sebastian Rahtz. Date: 2009-02-15
Copyright University of Oxford