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From our second exercise you saved a file with the name 'exercise2.xml', load it now.


Your document should be a well-formed and valid TEI XML document and contain all the minimum required components. Now let us look at adding some more metadata.

  1. Replace the contents inside <publicationStmt> with
    <idno type="gutenberg">24357</idno>
     <p>This text is freely available for re-use under US and UK law,
       consult your local legal restrictions if elsewhere.</p>
    to indicate the original catalogue number, and copying conditions.
  2. Improve the <sourceDesc> by adding a <bibl> explaining where at least one of the texts came from:
      <title level="a">Progress</title>, <title level="j">Punch: or
         the London Charivari</title>, <date when="1914-07-01">July
         1, 1914</date>, 147, p. 1</bibl>
  3. Add a <profileDesc> after <fileDesc> and specify which languages you can see. at least:
     <language ident="en">English</language>
  4. We can also have a text classification inside the <profileDesc>, something like
     <keywords scheme="DD">
      <term>English Humour</term>
  5. Finally, look at adding a <revisionDesc> after <fileDesc>, maybe
     <change when="2009-04-15">
      <name>Your Name</name>
      <note>Say what you did</note>
    to indicate when you edited the text

Experiment with adding more to the <teiHeader>, but whatever you do, make sure its still valid TEI!

2. Save your file!

Just a reminder to make sure you have saved your file before you finish! Perhaps save it as ‘exercise3.xml’.

James Cummings. Date: April 2009
Copyright University of Oxford