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1. Introduction

The TEI @ Oxford Summer School 2010 Replacement Workshop is a condensed bespoke replacement workshop for a small number of people who couldn't make the TEI@Oxford Summer School 2010 which was a three day course introducing the recommendations of the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) for encoding of digital text. This course is condensed to fit into a day and a half. It combines in-depth coverage of the latest version of the TEI Recommendations for the encoding of digital text with practical exercises. It includes an introduction to mark-up, explanations of the TEI Guidelines with exercises that expose you hands-on experience of a wide range of TEI customisation and editing.

3. Workshop Materials

Workshop Materials, including the slides of the talks and exercises will be made available here for reuse under a Creative Commons Attribution License. But please also tell us as well!

Date: July 2010
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