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A two day training session (6 hours each day eg. 9am to 12 am and 14 am to 17 am) at the Ecole normale supérieure de Lyon, Centre Blaise Pascal (http://www.cbp.ens-lyon.fr/tiki-index.php?page=RdC1&bl=y - room LR6 D 014).

This event is organized by 'Mutec' which is a working group of people (researchers and engineers from the ENS de Lyon and the ISH (Human Science Institute http://www.ish-lyon.cnrs.fr/index_en.php) working in the area of digital humanities, and more specifically in the area of scholarly electronic editions and textual corpora. (http://www.mutec-shs.fr/).

Topics to cover:
  • Stylesheet family layout, working with HTML, setting parameters and overriding hooks. Task: provide a local customization for HTML output.
  • Creating data from TEI documents. Task: read placeName and persName and make up person and place records.
  • TEI, DOCX, ePub, and ODT; understanding the conversions to and from word-processor format. Task: add support for new style in word-processor.
  • Working with unsupported TEI modules, adding support for new features. Task: implement support for critical editions

Date: May 26th-27th 2011
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