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1. Getting places and persons from a TEI text

Your task is to read <placeName> and <persName> from 3011.xml and make up <person> and <place> records.

Using the code in the slides (talk2.xml), develop stylesheet to do these tasks. Create a new XSL stylesheet and set up a new transformation scenario for it. Stop at each stage and check it works.

  • copy the input to the output unchanged
  • add a <listPlace> to the <sourceDesc>; for each <placeName>, add a skeleton <place> record with an ID so that you can point to it.

Take a break. Then come back to the problem.

  • add a ref attribute to each occurrence of <placeName> pointing to the <place> record you have created.
  • within each <place> element, put a series of pointers to where the corresponding instances are.
  • repeat for <persName>...
  • check it works on another file (eg punch.xml)

Some appropriate answers will be generated by Work/ex4.xsl and the HTML transformation at Work/release/profiles/test/html/to.xsl.

The more advanced students will want to

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