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Return to your person lists. Instead of enhancing the TEI document, create a new TEI document which contains a table listing all the people mentioned in the file 3011.xml. The table should have columns with the name, the number of times it occurs, and the names of the chapter.

Upload your file to OxGarage (http://oxgarage.oucs.ox.ac.uk:8080/ege-webclient) and get a word-processor document back (whatever you have a reader for). Check this works.

In the word-processor, add some new text, write a paragraph of explanation. Use some effects like bold, colour, font changes. Now upload the document back to OxGarage and make a TEI P5 version. Look at what is generated, and see what is preserved.

Try the other profiles, notably ‘iso’, to see different decisions on what is returned.

TEI@Oxford. Date: 2011-05
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