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Plotting data from TEI files on a map with Leaflet.js

1. Abstract

Training workshop organized by DeLab UW targeted at master and doctoral students and researchers interested in encoding, visualising and publishing historical sources.

Workshop aims to give an overview of the basic concepts of encoding places in TEI/XML and supporting technologies, familiarize participants with TEI vocabulary and showcase chosen functionalities of Leaflet.js library that aid visualization of geospatial data on a map. This will be a hands-on practical session with a brief introduction to lay a foundation for independent work on digital editing projects.

2. Aims of the Course

  • To introduce the essentials of TEI/XML encoding of places
  • Show how to extract data in JSON format from TEI file
  • Learn how to plug in leaflet.js library into html file
  • How to plot markers, lines and circles on a map
  • Load data for leaflet from external file
  • Create separate map layers
  • Provide routes into more detailed information for exploration later.

3. Course Schedule

Monday 23 February 2015

Magdalena Turska. Date: February 2015
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