1. About the Protestant Cemetery web site

This site brings together some of the resources available about recording work undertaken on the Protestant Cemetery in Rome between 1984 and 2002. Currently it contains the detailed records made in 1984-6, and a report on the work done in 2001-2002.

This material is managed and edited by Sebastian Rahtz at the University of Oxford IT Services.

2. British School report 2002 (by Sarah Court)

2.1. Introduction

This report is a summary of the work that has taken place in the Cimitero Accatolico by the foreign academies in Rome over recent years. It is by no means an exhaustive document, but aims to provide an overview with indications of where project documentation is archived so that the information and results achieved will not be lost.

The first section of this document describes the campaigns of work in the Cemetery – 1984-86 and 2001-02 being the main years of activity. There follows various pieces of information which may be useful for any follow up work, including resulting publications, archive contents, changes to the memorials at the Cemetery, recent evaluations, etc.

On the final page are the details of those organisations and individuals who would be useful to contact for further information.

2.2. The first project (1984-1986)

Historically the General Commission of Ambassadors have taken responsibility for the Cimitero Acattolico in Rome, and under their direction an Aesthetic Committee was formed from members of Rome's foreign community, and which worked in an advisory capacity to the Ambassadors and the Cemetery Director.

In 1981 the Aesthetic Committee held a meeting to discuss problems that had arisen from damage to tombs caused by severe storms, and their restoration was discussed. As it was discovered that there were longer term problems of damage to the memorials through vandalism, theft and decay it was decided that a full assessment of the site and the condition of its monuments should be made. Furthermore, as the original cemetery records had been lost in the Second World War it was decided that a new inventory and archive should be created.

This meeting led to David Whitehouse, Director of the British School at Rome, and Carl Nylander, Director of the Swedish Institute in Rome, initiating a project to document the Cemetery in a systematic way. They invited Sebastian Rahtz (then of the British School at Rome) to lead the project, as he had gained experience in the UK in cemetery archaeology, and had researched and worked in the Protestant Cemetery for his Masters thesis; Rahtz then submitted a project proposal to the General Commission.

Funding came for the original project came from the General Commission, the British School at Rome, King Gustaf VI Adolf's Fund for Swedish Culture, the Nordisk Kulturfond and the Carl-Bertel Nathorsts Fond. The project began with joint direction from the British School and the Swedish Institute (although following Whitehouse's departure from Rome Nylander took overall responsibility) and with participants from Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the USA.

Fieldwork in the Cemetery was undertaken from 1984 to 1986, and was led by Sebastian Rahtz. Record sheets were created to fully describe and record the details of each individual monument in the Cemetery, and the inscriptions recording the individuals commemorated there. Each record sheet contained detailed information, such as: -

Furthermore, the Cemetery was accurately surveyed, with each monument measured and plotted on a detailed plan of the Cemetery, creating a complete record of the situation at the site in 1986.

Sebastian Rahtz, now based at IT Services of the University of Oxford, oversaw the digitisation of all this information, and subsequently created a computer database. As the foundation of this database is a catalogue of all stones recorded in the Cemetery, with their comprehensive descriptions. There is also a digital plan of the Cemetery which is directly linked to the catalogue, and allows individual monument records to be found by clicking on the stones in the plan.

The database is still being worked on by Rahtz at the University of Oxford. The original records sheets are held in the archaeological archive at the British School at Rome (see page 42). The correspondence relating to the project is kept in the archive of the Swedish Institute (see page 45).

An assessment of the monuments was made in terms of their art-historical importance. In collaboration with the Fototeca of the Bibliotheca Herziana, about a third of these were photographed to create a permanent record before further deterioration occurred. This photographic collection is still held at the Fototeca Herziana, and although it is uncertain exactly how many photographs are held there, Dr Johannes Röll estimated that during 1985 alone 277 photographs of the Cemetery were consigned to the Fototeca (see page 47).

Even after the fieldwork in the Cemetery was finished, the activity there went on to stimulate further research by scholars associated with the project and the institutions involved. Various researchers examined archival records, old guide books, travelogues, vedute, and even the Cemetery flora to further understand the history of the site. Extensive prosopological work was also undertaken identifying and relating the individuals commemorated at the Cemetery within their historical context, giving an important insight into past practices at the site and the community that made use of it. This expansion of scholarship led to the Unione Internazionale degli Istituti di Archeologia, Storia e Storia dell'Arte in Roma taking responsibility for the continuation of the project. As a result the Cemetery Project Committee was formed, and one of their most important contributions was the funding of a series of publications (see page 7).

2.3. Select bibliography resulting from 1980s work at the Cemetery

Ippolito, A.M. & Vian, P. (1989) (eds) The Protestant Cemetery in Rome: The ‘Parte Antica'. Rome, Unione Internazionale.

Krogel, W. (1995) (ed.) All'Ombra della Piramide: Storia e interpretazione del Cimitero Acattolico di Roma. Rome, Unione Internazionale.

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Rahtz, S.P.Q. 1987. The Protestant Cemetery, Rome: An Interim Report. Rome, P. Aaröm Förlag.

2.4. Additional survey material (1996)

Sebastian Rahtz visited the Cemetery independently on 11-12 September 1996, and made this short list detailing the changes that had been made in the Zona Vecchia from the end of the official survey in 1986 and his visit ten years later. Those monuments that were moved may have gone to other parts of the Cemetery.

2.5. The second project (2001 - 2002)

In 2001 concerns were raised in a meeting of the Aesthetic Committee of the Cemetery over the management of the site, and as a result the chairman of the Committee, Andrew Wallace-Hadrill, Director of the British School at Rome, decided to re-examine the site.

Sarah Court, a research assistant at the British School, examined the records of the earlier survey at the Cemetery and contacted Sebastian Rahtz, who generously gave a copy of his database, which is a completed digital record of the work that had been done there. A first preliminary survey at the Cemetery was undertaken, using the Zona Vecchia as a sample. It was found that 63 individuals had been commemorated since 1984, that is, there were 50 new monuments in the Zona Vecchia. This sample of new graves was also cross-checked with the official Cemetery database that they publicise on their website (www.protestantcemetery.it). It was found that 22 of these new memorials (a third) were not listed there, raising concerns about the completeness and reliability of the official record of burial in the Cemetery, and the maintenance of records (see page 12).

Sarah Court, with Elizabeth O'Keeffe and Neil Oddie, then went back to the Cemetery over the summer of 2002 to compare the 1980s catalogue of monuments with the current situation. Using print-outs of the catalogue they noted which stones had been removed from their original location, which had been altered, and which were in a severe case of disrepair. Where there were new stones, or stones with additional inscriptions these were recorded on survey sheets using the same recording methods as the 1980s survey, so as to make the results compatible (see pages 14, 15).

The results of this work were enough to prove that it was necessary to investigate further into the management practices at the Cemetery. Copies of these results were handed over to the Ambassadors to help with this, as well a set being held in the British School archive with the original project material (see page 47).

It was found that since 1986:

More detailed results follow in a tabulated form.

2.5.1. Preliminary sample survey (2001)

The list below contains the names of those people commemorated in the Zona Vecchia of the Protestant Cemetery after 1984. Those names which are enclosed together in a box share the same monument. Those names with an asterix were not found in the official Cemetery database on their website www.protestantcemetery.it.

Julian Percival Jenkins*1993
Mira Fattori*1984
Derrick Plant1994
Herbert Norman*2000
Alessandro Corsi1987
Diana Corsi*1995
David Craig1996
Margot Rossler Contessa Cippico1983
Conte Aldo Marino Cippico1985
Rosemary Sprehe*2000
Laszlo A Sikabonyi1998
Peter Durst1989
Nathaniel Rahim Hammond1996
Jolanda Vosely Torraca*1995
Antonello Torraca1997
Antonio Zezza1999
Flora Jackson1994
Ugo Lercher1994
Ginevra and Ugo Maria1996
Manfredo Tafuri1994
Geoffrey Palmer James1984
Palmer Judson James1993
Myra James1996
Francesca Klar*1997
Dora Bernhard*1998
Meinhard Alfred Muller1992
Emilio Kronn1997
Beatrice Pini*1986
Renato Pini1987
Richard Mason1997
John Hardiman2000
Irene Hardiman*2001
Jeannette Suares*1993
Brigitte Oliva Niggli*2000
Robert Norwell Haywood1987
Giuseppe Perugini1995
Agnes Paulina Sumner*1980
Gino Filipetto1989
Margit Filipetto*1991
Gianni Lazzari2000
Ethel Nelson2000
Anna Maria Pecora*1984
Lili Bendix*1987
Augusto Schiani 1989
Adriana de Bonis in Schiani1993
Giovanni Andrea Alessandro Conticello1999
Allen Albero Damato*2000
Federico Suriano1996
Dario Valeri1993
Alessandro Simone Jori1999
Aurelio Giunchi1999
Marcia Lucile Roberts*1992
Pierina Savvanis*1987
Hans Boll*2001
Katerina Miller*1984
Gianlorenzo Montesi1995
Aurora Ughes1991
Antonino Loiacono1993
Nicole Jeanine Couston1996
Gianni Giovanni Rossi1990
Elena Rossi*1999
Luciano Ceccarelli1985
Derek Evelyn Faulkner1987

2.5.2. Sample record sheet (2002)


- Inscription Record - STONE:

Inscr. No:

Monument: chest; column; cross; headstone; ledger; pedestal; plaque on base;

plaque on ground; plaque on wall; other (specify):

Face of stone: cemN; cemS; cemE; cemW; top; round.

Condition: v. good; good; reasonable; bad; unreadable.

Manner: incised; incised & coloured; incised & filled; raised stone; raised metal;

incised on metal; other (specify):

Type: primary; secondary; prim. comment; sec.comment; mason; graffito


General location:

Inscription: Style L/R/C/B

Symbols used:

Recorded by: Date: Amended: Finished?

2.5.3. Inscription recording guidelines (2002)

The new inscription record sheets have been left as closely to the original 1985 Survey sheets as possible, so that the information can be combined. For this reason it is important to use the following categories to record any commemorations since 1985. When checking the monuments against the current records it is important to be aware that many monuments have additional inscriptions, and these need to be noted as well as the entirely new graves. Where monuments remain the same it would be useful to note if there has been any obvious deterioration in the quality of the inscription, and any lines of text that have become illegible should be noted on their record sheets.

Stone no. New stones will be given new numbers for the 2002 Survey, starting from 100 to ensure the numbering does not get confused.

Inscription no. A new inscription number (and therefore new recording sheet) will be given to each side of a monument that has an inscription on it.

Monument This is an additional category added for the 2002 Survey to help in identifying the recent burials; we are not making a full record of the monument itself in this stage in the survey, so this is only a rough classification. The categories are as follows:

Chest: classic sarcophagus shape;

Column: column with capital;

Cross: free-standing cross;

Headstone: upright rectangular slab inscribed on one face;

Ledger: full-sized slab covering the whole grave;

Pedestal: square altar-like monument with pediment;

Plaque on base: small plaque set at an angle on a square base;

Plaque in ground: plaque set in ground as marker (rather than grave-covering ledger);

Plaque on wall: plaque attached to cemetery wall.

Face of stone The cemetery is taken to be on a roughly W-E orientation, and it should be noted on which side of the monument the inscription occurs; cemW means ‘west according to cemetery orientation'. Horizontal inscriptions are on top and there are also inscriptions that run round the monument.

Condition This is a subjective opinion on part of the person recording the inscription. Any unreadable lines of text can be indicated in the main body of the record sheet as lines of dots (……………) to show that the inscription continues but is illegible.

Manner This describes the physical form of the inscription, whether it is incised or the letters are raised and any colouring/filling of the letter shapes.

Type The primary inscription is the commemoration that was originally inscribed when the monument was first set up. Secondary inscriptions are those which commemorate another person at a later date. Comments are non-commemorative inscriptions that appear on another face of the monument, separate from commemorative inscriptions, eg ‘God is love'; comments can be primary or secondary (ie part of the original design or added at a later date). Mason is to denote those marks left by masons or artists as signatures on their work. Any modern graffiti is also noted.

Languages The language of the inscription is noted here. If it is not evident (eg sometimes there is only a name and numerical date) this should be left blank.

Inscription In this space the inscription should be written down. Lower and upper case should follow the original, as should possible mistakes or foreign alphabets, etc. The exact line lengths should be followed, ie do not make a line break where one does not occur on the monument.

Style Next to the transliterated inscription a note should be made for each line whether it is O (ordinary) or I (italic) script. No comment is necessary on the font.

L/R/C/B This is to describe the position of the inscription on the stone, and should be noted for each line of inscription. L is left justified, R is right justified, C is centred and B means that there is a blank line left in the middle of an inscription.

Symbols used Any symbols used within the inscription should be sketched here.

2.5.4. New stones in the Cemetery (1984-2002)

The following table is a summary of the new records that were noted in the survey undertaken in the summer of 2002, one of the main aims of which was to note how many new stones had appeared in the Cemetery since the survey in the 1980s. The stones with very early dates seem to be anomalous, and may result either from having been overlooked in the 1980s project, or during the 2002 survey they may not have been found on the Cemetery catalogue. The database has been ordered by year of death to show trends in the numbers of new graves over the years. The database was then used to create a bar chart illustrating the comparative numbers of new graves in recent years, and this chart is found at the bottom of the table. Where appropriate the maiden names of female memorials were included in this list to allow a preliminary understanding of the variety of nationalities within the Cemetery.

Stone noNameYear of death
10.149Stefano Tasso
10.048Anna Calissoni nata Bulgari
10.315Cannata Schiliro
10.189Mulas Mereu
10.301Rosamond Fay Hawthorne
10.072M. Cristina Busiri vici Jatta
10.054Oluf Bang1522
10.051Luigi Tach1854
10.145William Graham Thurnam1859
10.014Carl Friedrich von Gueldenstubbe1862
10.050Martin Schneekloth1871
10.217Harry Lowe1873
10.227Sofia Worthington1883
10.215Oberst Emilie von Horn1892
10.217Sarah Lowe née Bruce1893
10.027Elizabeth Gerry1912
10.217Mary Harriet Bounous née Lowe1920
10.004Laszlo A. Sikabonyi1927
10.366Paoline Miliutin1929
10.379Alessandro Zinovieff1931
10.187Charles Gordon Henderson1933
10.019Nicola Basios1935
10.192Sigred Gullbrandsen1935
10.087Betty Müller nata Hausdorf1938
10.366Elena Miliutin1941
10.159Laura Larsen1942
10.182Georg Boltho von Hohenbach1942
10.331Anna Matchabelli nata Eristoff1943
10.343Vladimir Drutskoy Sokolinsky1943
10.088Josephine Cattani nata Redlich1944
10.080Wilhelm Hallier1946
10.172Senofonte Manias1947
10.082Louis Denham Fouts1948
10.379Venceslao Ivanov1949
10.061Vera Mauke1949
10.002Valerie Anne Gisella Craig1949
10.002George Donald Craig1951
10.019Giorgio Savvanis1952
10.250Helen Scoponi née Le Roy King1952
10.087Henry Sonneman1954
10.002Betty Marion Craig neé Richmond1956
10.363Erich Adolf Schmerel1956
10.343Maria Drutskoy Sokolinsky nata Protasoff1956
10.263Marian Grace Jordan nata Clayton1956
10.180William Howard Ames1957
10.175Alessio Issupoff1957
10.001Egerton Herbert Norman1957
10.002Gisella Craig née Fadin1957
10.140Lydia Wiscovatoff1958
10.108Ethel Ohlson née Fowler1959
10.173Harold Charles Lehrs Gibson1960
10.171Anne Sophie Carlander1960
10.270Galina Gonios nata Sudeikina1961
10.139John Boerger1961
10.018Anita Carmignani1961
10.102Dora Selina Jucker1961
10.363Anna Schmerel nata Lipowsky1962
10.025Ernesto Klar1962
10.112Johanna Schulze geb. Pohl1962
10.190Mehoi Frashëri1963
10.079Zorka Karanikolova nata Tocheva1963
10.217Giulio Enrico Bounous1963
10.044Dino Giacometti1963
10.343Elena Baranovitch nata Drutskoy Sokolinsky1963
10.157Cesare Augusto Rampoldi1964
10.157Flora Rampoldi nata Pfäuti1964
10.223Martin Christopher Hofer1964
10.067Milton Bracker1964
10.102Fred Pasetti1965
10.169Sofia Schlahota1965
10.108Cesarino Cavicchioli1965
10.217Mildred Bounous1966
10.138May Olivia de Rossi née Clark1966
10.300Gino Giardina1967
10.196Maria Albirtina Schwarze nata Libiszewski1967
10.055Inger Bang Lund1968
10.182Ellis Boltho von Hohenbach geb. Von Hedenström1968
10.268Elsie Rieti1969
10.323Calvert Casey1969
10.363Reno Martucci1969
10.177Veronica Rosa Silsby1969
10.190Nejre Frashëri Lindur Biçaku1969
10.085Maudy Eleonore Bernier nata Deubner1970
10.096Mario Margottini1971
10.096Helena Alexandra Grant née Wilkins1971
10.138Enrico de Rossi1972
10.182Alexander Boltho von Hohenbach1972
10.294Gaby André-Smith1972
10.343Lioia Drutskoy Sokolinsky nata Schirkievitch1972
10.222Jonas Ogden1972
10.097Stelios Theodossiades1972
10.053Josip Glamuzina1973
10.032Carlo Emilio Gadda1973
10.049Olga Signorelli nata Resnevics1973
10.280Fumelewa Scibaeva Lubov1974
10.196Andrea Checchi1974
10.174Emilio Lussu1975
10.078Cesare Longobardi1975
10.313Kjerstin Sofia Hardman née Nilzen1976
10.184Margery Mary Gambino nata Weitzner1977
10.092Jenny Mac Gillivray née Tvetene1977
10.315Vincenzo Cannata1978
10.315Teodora Cannata Pasini1978
10.197Maria Giovanna Lentini nata Frattarelli1978
10.085Carlotta Ninchi1979
10.105Hans Gross1980
10.299Franco Evangelisti1980
10.097Mabel Theodossiades née Flanagan1980
10.319Eugenio Maria Annovazzi1980
10.106Giorgio Fornalé1980
10.151Oliver Ogden Stewart1980
10.305Agneta van Randwyck1981
10.287Vittorio Scillia1981
10.304Wolfgang Lotz1981
10.083Michele Amato1982
10.275Francesco Burgio di Aragona1983
10.158David Moore1983
10.248Arthur Caldwell Showman1984
10.050Ida Brandt née De Sarno1984
10.022Mira Fattori nata Svarcenberg1984
10.197Sebastiano Lentini1984
10.005Geoffrey Palmer James1984
10.066Nadejda Zllatareff1984
10.359Valdemaro Boecklin1984
10.077Elly Wirth Burkhardt1984
10.280Guerrino Mazzoni1985
10.196Erika Checchi nata Schwarze1985
10.148Lucette Dabell née Youngs1985
10.100Hans Ulrich Boegel1985
10.063Gerald Charles Berriffe1985
10.056Suzanne Marie Abbas nata Nabbefeld1985
10.099Anita Rietmann nata Singer1985
10.033Dora Louise Prosperi neé Mortimer1985
10.043Luciano Ceccarelli1985
10.356Edoardo Capolino1985
10.264Katharine Onofrii née Breck1985
10.302Otello Griffoni1985
10.379Lydia Ivanova1985
10.037Gregorio Sciltian1985
10.269Gunnel Perrelli nata Karlström1985
10.316Romilda Freeland née Visioli1986
10.356Muriel Capolino nata Levor1986
10.328Ingrid Barbara Maccanicci nata Schönfeld1986
10.277Erica Gericke ges. Kunheim1986
10.384Peter Stephen Smith1986
10.309Fabio Gatto Roissard1986
10.371Edwin Benaroyo1986
10.184Julius Holstein Weitzner1986
10.239Victor Friedrich Christian Boitin1986
10.179Giuseppe Punzi1986
10.157Attilio Rampoldi1986
10.365Cristina Luisa Young née Pontani1987
10.363Enrica Favia1987
10.042Derek Evelyn Faulkner1987
10.093Frieda Helene Glaubke1987
10.036Robert Norwell Haywood1987
10.334Bruno Köhl1987
10.322Stanley Smith1987
10.217Franco Bounous1987
10.010Emilio Kronn1987
10.303Trude Krautheimer1987
10.069Ida Falcon1987
10.003Alessandro Corsi1987
10.264Cesare Onofrii1987
10.283Michele Iacontino1987
10.110Renate Erika Dauer geb. Willert1987
10.351Risto Boljevic1987
10.308Victor Vramant1987
10.019Pierina Savvanis nata Barbero1987
10.317Olof Malm1987
10.295Enrico Filippini1988
10.035Dayton Albert Allen1988
10.242Nikolai Christopher Chiodi1988
10.041Aurelio Miholyi Milloss1988
10.047Cristoforo Raspaolo1988
10.241Johannes Felbermeyer1988
10.090Gerbrand Hoornweg1988
10.243Stephen Grimes1988
10.345Bertram Ronald Whiting1988
10.093Richard Albert Friedrich Ernst Martin Glaubke1988
10.375Bogdan Bogunovich1988
10.185Nives Antar1988
10.378Helmut Hoppe1988
10.325Alexandros Petros Economides1988
10.189Alfio Mulas1988
10.160Emma Maud Carignani née Whybrow1988
10.181Silvio Mazzola1988
10.309Franca Fratini Gatto Roissard1989
10.157Elisabetta Rampoldi1989
10.384Alba Smith nata Barletta1989
10.361Alexandra Grigorjew in Zomack1989
10.190Vehbi Frashëri1989
10.377Paola Maria Isabella Grimaldi nata De Pellegin1989
10.087Paolangelo Furiga1989
10.249Johann E. Kniffler1989
10.050Vilhelm Zoëga Bang1989
10.321Mascha Ulla-Metta Cecilia Cederström1989
10.360Tatiana Khodakova ved. Gratchev1989
10.233Alison Mary Zanini nata Lloyd1989
10.339Fritz Bolli1989
10.081Antonio Martines1990
10.196Edvige Mady Crisafulli nata Schwarze1990
10.079Vassilka Welkoff nata Karanicolova1990
10.061Federico Mauke1990
10.383Tatiana Souvorine1990
10.218Leonore Gertrud Haag1990
10.224Ernst Abraham Lewin1990
10.108Karin Cavicchioli née Ohlson1990
10.128Vincenzo Girmenia1990
10.119Francesco de Farro1991
10.247Marie Kemp née Gilmour1991
10.176Rose Cassanelli nata Cohen1991
10.207Deidre Elizabeth Mahala Simpson-White1991
10.078Nina Longobardi nata Hagmark1991
10.116Elisabet Grimmer1991
10.260Brigitte Lavorano geb. Roland1991
10.194Markus von Haumeder1991
10.246Markus Rupp1991
10.120Emma Elfriede Bake geb. Ohst1991
10.235Sally Stoufer Tate1991
10.190Mediha Frashëri1991
10.037Elena Sciltian nata Boberman1991
10.044Aurora Ughes in Giacometti1991
10.094Elisabet Grimmer1991
10.147Max Gentili1992
10.122Licia Griffiths née Menegotto1992
10.020Meinhard Alfred Müller1992
10.372Jocelyn Roy Lubbock1992
10.040Lynn Sbiroli nata Salkin1992
10.099Dora Trionfi nata Rietmann1992
10.317Estelle Marie Malm nata Leander1992
10.202Ilse Johanna Ottilie Nast1992
10.245Francis Cox1992
10.144Elja Martynova del Neri1992
10.370Michel Claude René Wagner1992
10.344Mark Paul Gellard1993
10.338Bosiljka Embirilos nata Šaulić1993
10.044Antonino Loiacono1993
10.279Hamdi Fortuzi1993
10.112Erika Constantini geb. Schulze1993
10.005Palmer Judson James1993
10.160Giovanni Patrizi Naro Montoro1993
10.085Elio Ciarpella1993
10.297Bruno Pontecorvo1993
10.349Anna Maria Carnevali nata Davio1993
10.067Virginia Lee Bracker née Smith1993
10.076Ermelind Plouda m. Filacchione1993
10.291David Castaldi1993
10.314Mary Chamberlin Harding1993
10.210Ruth Schlitter geb. Volk1993
10.337Winston Burdett1993
10.029Dario Valeri1993
10.023Julian Percival Jenkyns1993
10.102Ninetta Selina Jucker1993
10.050Birgit Zoëga Bang1993
10.026Heinrich Bauer1993
10.384Thomas Joseph Smith1993
10.333Mohammad Hossein Naghdi1993
10.165Vasile Chircu1994
10.303Richard Krautheimer1994
10.307Eloise Fiamingo von Bernuth1994
10.034Andrea della Marra1994
10.205Helene Jacky Lavagnino1994
10.236Gerhard Eli Bildesheim1994
10.296Theodor Kraus1994
10.380Daciana Doina Loichita1994
10.374Dragutin Nikolitch1994
10.084Alfredo Antonio Mangia1994
10.347Assunta Santucci1994
10.050Mogens Brandt1994
10.341Sandro Ferri1994
10.021Derrick Plant1994
10.122Cyril Douglas Griffiths1994
10.365Eric W. Young1994
10.008Flora Jackson ved. Festa1994
10.184Ruth Clug Weitzner1994
10.268Vittorio Rieti1994
10.287Luciano Villarini1994
10.342John Greig1994
10.292Victor Emmanuel Orebi1994
10.007Ugo Lercher1994
10.346Alexei Haieff1994
10.334Valentina Kögl nata Stupin1994
10.006Manfredo Tafuri1994
10.266Armen Roy Sarafian1994
10.096Yvonne Kathleen Margottini née Grant1995
10.140Elena Thorsson née de Wiscovatoff1995
10.126Mildred Bernice Strom1995
10.092Giorgio Voli1995
10.112Luigi Castellengo1995
10.084Pantalea Mangia nata Lauria1995
10.129Johann Paul Scneller1995
10.085Albertine Schwarze1995
10.369Giovanni Ponzano1995
10.131Michail Issidoros Kastanias1995
10.002David Leonard Craig1995
10.257Konstantin Nedialkov1995
10.201JoaquÍn Sokolowicz1995
10.017Gianlorenzo Montesi1995
10.335Alexandra Stupin Angeloni1995
10.285Kjerstin Elisabet Maisto född Lind1995
10.218Alessandro Pesce Anetesista1995
10.057Emilio Servadio1995
10.190Ragip Frashëri1995
10.225Attilio Belezza1995
10.003Diana Evelyn Corsi nata Wingfield1995
10.336Jelena Kostić nata Popović1995
10.065Verena Niemeyer geb. Blenkle1995
10.068Sven Axel Forssell1995
10.071Margaret Ehlers1995
10.015Giuseppe Perugini1995
10.169Leonida Calandri1995
10.288Nikolay Ratchev1995
10.164Tanilo Cuvati1995
10.059Jan Kosinka1995
10.028Federico Suriano1996
10.007Ginevra e Ugo Mario Lercher1996
10.244Lucien Vermeiren1996
10.118Chiara d'Onofrio de Leo1996
10.286Costantino Coppola1996
10.267Guido Cesar Remerto Romagnoli Peralta1996
10.231Giorgio Pellegrini1996
10.105Katharine Gross geb. Fielitz1996
10.049Edoardo Cacciatore1996
10.106Dorotea Fornalé geb. Bayer1996
10.011Andreia Damato1996
10.009Nathaniel Rahim Hammond1996
10.125Esperia Strickland1996
10.112Adelia Castellengo nata Ferrari1996
10.168Louis Joseph Ross di Vienna1996
10.170Heimo Karl Hanig1996
10.368Mario Zagari1996
10.183Clinio Duetti1996
10.147Virginia Gentili nata Musatti1996
10.005Myra James neé Baeder1996
10.050Kirsten Boideef Lange1996
10.229Amelia Rosselli1996
10.142Martin Testa1996
10.214Mauro Nocchi1996
10.290Clemente Mosca1996
10.225Dario Bellezza1996
10.082Oddone Cappellino1996
10.200Eric Manly Sicely1996
10.359Maria Boecklin nata Farinelli1996
10.107Giovanni Lops1997
10.264Cesare Onofrii1997
10.104Rosalba Attenni in Ghersi1997
10.024Richard Mason1997
10.025Francesca Klar nata Arduini1997
10.256Stefano Michelangeli1997
10.364Giacomo Egidio Adduci1997
10.264Alessandra Adduci nata Chiozzi1997
10.382Maurizio Cerqua1997
10.381James Willis Gardner1997
10.088Stefano Colonna di Paliano1997
10.367Secondo Gerbo1997
10.075Francesca Silvestri1997
10.039Frederik Peter Belinfante1997
10.206Marian Wielgosz1997
10.136Irma Sagnotti nata Marcantoni1997
10.226Bruno Bonetto1997
10.191William Delmar Cavendish1997
10.216Tomas Michele Gero-Schneider1997
10.162Peter Zendman1997
10.226Rosa Maria Bonetto nata Gambrosier1997
10.143NinÌ Suriano1997
10.358Alfonso M. Di Nola1997
10.203Vincenza Giulia Ascione Sindery1997
10.147Claudio Anthony Gentili1997
10.150Malcolm Evans1997
10.179Mariu Puntzi Pollitzer1997
10.155Lello Scorzelli1997
10.166Francesca Canevacci nata Waldon1997
10.211Ielma Adinolfi1997
10.274Jorge Carruana1997
10.238Umberto Pizzi1997
10.282Vincenzo Barattucci1997
10.123Martin Le Mesurier Manson1997
10.124Cincia Menegotto in Di Marzo1997
10.254Reginald Bark Griffiths1997
10.132Pietro Lembo1997
10.315Giovanni Cannata1997
10.074Medea Moll geb. Maser1998
10.298Daniela Miarelli1998
10.073Renate Helena Vesper geb. Heusinger1998
10.289Dawn Spencer di Napoli1998
10.174Joyce Salvadori1998
10.062Harry Hall Burns1998
10.167Catherine Ellen ChristinaSnelling née Hillcoat1998
10.319Nelida Lenci Malgeri Crespi1998
10.340Junia Grigor'evna Hintz1998
10.293Cesario Manco1998
10.188Käthe Iandoli geb. Retusch1998
10.072Francesco Jatta1998
10.060Johanna Parenti geb. Galan1998
10.337Giorgina Nathan1998
10.213Giuliano Luberti1998
10.198Armin Degenhart Ritter1998
10.287Maria Villarini nata Marasco1998
10.208Augusto Banzi1998
10.272Ines Wild Piccinato1998
10.329Albert Fox1998
10.225Ada Marzo1998
10.253Gerald Alexander Fellick1998
10.252Constantina Gil Martin1998
10.228Fanny Clara Jansen (Biddy)1998
10.195Dend Al Haffar1998
10.130Enzo Ricci1998
10.153Nicola Chiari1998
10.148John Pierce (Barney) Dabell1998
10.141Marco Pisa1998
10.138Cesare de Rossi1998
10.128Margaret Joyce Allen1998
10.058Hugo Jean Adelhelm1998
10.351Matilde Morosetti ved. Boljevic1998
10.147Monica Gentili1999
10.030Alessandro Simone Jori1999
10.110Anna Dauer geb. Günther1999
10.091Doris Jackson Ullman1999
10.378Hella Hoppe1999
10.199Reinhold Langer Chefarzt1999
10.189Marina Ricciotti nata Mula1999
10.240Michele Salvatore1999
10.204Fernando Giuliano1999
10.311Umberto Missori1999
10.327Eric Noel Blaksley1999
10.012Giovanni Andrea Alessandro Conticello1999
10.261Maria Cangellaris Nestola1999
10.114David Botti1999
10.332Paolo Ungari1999
10.281Otto Lehmann-Brockhaus1999
10.137Giorgio Amici1999
10.133Kathleen Edmonson1999
10.324Nicolae Bujin1999
10.284Giulia Merlin Putzu1999
10.304Hilde Lotz geb. Bauer1999
10.348Bianca Fabbri nata Silleoni1999
10.163Guido del Borgo1999
10.352Lucia Sparisci1999
10.350Paolo Castaldini1999
10.089Franca Camiz nata Trinchieri1999
10.077Henry Alberto Wirth1999
10.086Egle Sonneman Furiga1999
10.103Giulio Abruzetti1999
10.186Michele Tolo1999
10.013Aurelio Giunchi1999
10.151Daria Ogden Stewart1999
10.320Lilian Julian Vranek née Friedlander1999
10.262Ingeborg Schiele ved. Caggiano1999
10.178Giorgio Sulprizio1999
10.278Nino Cordio2000
10.135Christian Frederick Charles Alfonso Maria Moll2000
10.038Gianni Lazzari2000
10.016Brigitte Olivia Niggli nata Martin2000
10.276Gladys Marion Popescu2000
10.232Phaedon Ioannis Stamoulis2000
10.273Emilio John Louis Ricino2000
10.127Howard Bernice Strom2000
10.011Allen Albero Damato2000
10.249Christa M. Kniffer2000
10.101Francesco Pirula Pittore2000
10.253Maria Teresa Micaludi née Ottaviani2000
10.271Remo Confalonieri2000
10.255Gert Honnens Henrichsen2000
10.258Carmelo Esposito2000
10.354Astrid Molstad Skullerud2000
10.161Carlo Alberto Galluzzi2000
10.165Paraschiva Chircu nata Pandelescu2000
10.373Greta Vaillant2000
10.353Juan Cristobal Lascovich2000
10.264Ludovico Onofrii2000
10.156Alfonso Maria Liquori2000
10.154Italia Merola Genova2000
10.374Jeanne Camille Nikolitch née Roudot2000
10.176Osualdo Cassanelli2000
10.070Peo Tecce2000
10.178Elsa Lydia del Rio2000
10.064Giorgio Garozzo2000
10.109Yolanda Stefanelli2000
10.160Patrizia Patrizi Naro Montoro2000
10.045Gaetano Napolitano2000
10.329Giovanna Apolloni Fox2000
10.113Maria Eunice Gonçalves de Araujo2000
10.098Anna Maria Bartiromo2000
10.149Gaby Bourdier2000
10.312John Mitchell Kirtley2000
10.115Margery Hulett Cardas2000
10.318Janet Hodge Are2001
10.310Börje Kyrklund2001
10.112Elio Constantini2001
10.264Giovanni Onofrii2001
10.300Mafalda dal Santo2001
10.117Cristina de Angelis in Benedetti2001
10.284Angelo Merlin2001
10.048Franco Calissoni2001
10.349Agnese Davio2001
10.152Ercolano Chiari2001
10.265Alice Ceresa2001
10.088Diana Colonna di Paliano de Minerbi2001
10.193Mario Tron2001
10.355Jacques Kassab2001
10.095Thomas Michael Lalor2001
10.209Antonino Vedda2001
10.357Piero Della Seta2001
10.018Hans Adolf Fritz Bott2001
10.219John William Perry2001
10.220Monica Lombardi2001
10.221Carlos M. Flinta2001
10.230Luce d'Eramo2001
10.234Orietta Jones in Del Mastro2001
10.237Stefano Calanchi2001
10.323Lucrezia Panunzio2001
10.251Lia Wahnstein2001
10.362Douglas Scott Crews2001
10.018Giulia Gernasia Bott nata Carmignani2001
10.212Marie Terese Lams Colitti2001
10.097Nestor Theodossiades2002
10.121Natasha Tubelskaya2002
10.146Shelagh Mary Cassidy2002
10.376name in Russian script2002

Table to show numbers of new stones in the Cemetery (1984-2002)

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Stones removed from the Cemetery (1984-2002)

This table contains the details of those stones which were removed, the information was gained in the 2002 survey based on the catalogue of monuments created in 1984-86. Where appropriate the maiden names of female memorials were included in this list to allow a preliminary understanding of the variety of nationalities within the Cemetery.

Stone noNameYear of death
92George Peter Browne1829
121Betty Craig1956
193Jamila Majid
203Magdalena Becker1837
204Edward and Joshua E. Jones1839
236Raben Leuetzau neé Holstein Lethraborg1833
245Ernesto Klar1962
247Vergnie Josephine Vegy neé Wunderlich1842
271Pamela J. Aitkens1948
280Bernard O. Binns1953
281Ann Batchelar and Anne Bythia Nicolls1844
283Carl Friedrich Ernst1843
285Cleo Schlueter1955
286Alexandrine de Balachoff et al1844
287Aleksandra Ivanova Balaxeva and Petr" A. Balaxev"1844
322Thomas Aubin1844
325Sophia and Teodosio De Bonis1955
330Tyge Bendix1962
359Johann Fritz1848
365Emmy Fruth1943
376Grace Wandesforde Deacon1847
390William Brown1851
391Rudolph von Engelhardt1851
394Carlo Kirsch1924
403Esther Edith Hovison Crawford1864
404Rudolph Friedrich Ohle1929
405Alma Ohle1934
410Nikolaos Mpazios and Gewrgios Sabbanhs1952
414Arthur Reginald Winn1983
419Walter Crawfurd1852
421Alma Vidal1852
423Johannes Heinrich von Groning1853
427James Richardson Hay1854
441Bernardino Giacometti1963
450Charles I Norton1856
461Olga Signorelli1973
495Guilelmus Schluttig1830
510Alfred Tiedemann1937
512Ulrich Wendriner1929
515Heinrich Andersen1934
518Edmundus Waller1860
532Marianna, Lodovico and Raffaello Conti1906
536Vera Mauke1949
545J. W. Dick1909
547Elvira Anspach
548Franz Lothar Kaiser1909
549Emma Roy1898
555Carl Lossow1861
556Hylda Nora Grace Taylor1902
559Henriette Niebelschultz1951
575Frida Schaefer and Rudolf Bosselmann1935
601Bertha and Fridericus de Tippelskirch1819
649Milton Bracker1964
685Zorka Tocheva Mantcheva1963
698Louis Denham Fouts1948
699Grace James and Elspeth James Cavaletti1965
700Sarah Elizabeth Cole1939
701Irvicn James1831
703Alfred Mehnert1954
717Maudy Eleonore Bernier and Carlotta Ninchi1970
742Betty Muller
752Josephine Cattaui1944
772C. Martin L. Schneekloth1870
782Jenny Tvetene Macgillivray1977
814Ludwig Ferdinand1924
818Mary B. Davies1936
838Clara Henly1900
851Barbette Arnous1933
858Henry Walpole1876
859Cecilia Walpole1887
893Dorer Clara Havauhi
900Clara Rafaela Morland1874
902Helen Isabel Cobb
905Joh. Heinrich Meyer1874
938Eberhard Friedrich von Hemmingen1841
939Verna Reynolds1963
942George Sargent1849
956Catherine de Contiar1897
958Mary Mackay1895
964Theodora Thomas1936
965Laura Larsen1942
967Otto Kahn1932
974Michael and Thomas Commini1964
979Joseph Everett Donaldson1948
980Flora Rampoldi1964
981Cesare Augusto Rampoldi1964
995Frances Vyvyan1875
1.021Ruth Wiesel
1.033Channing Williams Cooper1878
1.034Ellia Mabel Trevisan
1.035Leroy Romano and Margherita Vernon1878
1.042Maria Burmoff1905
1.054Stelios Theodossiades1972
1.067Henry Robert Durrell1843
1.071Paul Richard Lademan1940
1.082Thomas Hopkins1848
1.086Dora Selina Jucker1961
1.094Iohn Ker1848
1.095Wilhelm Dreyer1938
1.100William Barham and Maria Waterhouse
1.101Joseph Thompson1847
1.102Maria Prouss Severin
1.104Marian Grace Clayton Jordan1956
1.108Cesare Cavicchioli1965
1.109Ethel Fowler Ohlson1959
1.111Heinrich Gamper1934
1.112Anna Heide Arnheim1940
1.121Johanna Schulze1982
1.127Ottavio Giorgio Mannini1956
1.133Charles Summers
1.168Julia McNamee
1.184Bessy Hannah Kerr1950
1.193Laura Rommel1905
1.194W.L. Jones1852
1.195Peter Smith1953
1.196Fanny Cecilie Ortmann1901
1.198Anne Sophie Carlander1960
1.209Maria Olivia and Enrico de Rossi1966
1.220Lydia Wiscovatoff1858
1.223Anna Stcholokoff1913
1.231Alexander Wallner1898
1.232Ottilie Elise Kepdmuller1933
1.235Marie Auguste Ehrenberg1938
1.237Victorin Perot1858
1.249Maria Burgess1891
1.254Crawford Elizabeth King
1.280Elizabeth Owen1894
1.297Johanna Volz
1.303Sofia Schlahota1965
1.308William Howard Ames1957
1.313Xenofon Manias1947
1.315Henry Charles Lehrs Gibson1960
1.321Alessio Issupoff
1.324Vladimir Tsandoff1940
1.330Veronica Rose Silsby Cicutti1969
1.356Georg Guido Alfredo and Ellis von Hohenbach1942
1.356Alexander Boltho von Hohenbach1972
1.360Toni Kesten1977
1.409Margery Mary Gambino1977
1.427Caroline Maud Topham1861
1.437Lucia Weston1861
1.438Charles Gordon Henderson1933
1.439Anna Maria Cook1901
1.518Tine Gori1902
1.519Margaret Andrews1935
1.520Johann Balthasar Soellner1865
1.524Mehdi and Nejre Frasheri1963
1.561Ellen Wonnacott1934
1.564Lucy Skin1898
1.573Maria Albertina Schwarze and Andrea Checchi1967
1.586Jean St. Clair Thompson1893
1.591Rosa Spring
1.592Madelon and Rose Gernsback
1.599Sigrid Gullbrandsen1935
1.611Georg Heinrich Busch1871
1.614Emilia and Gustav von Schmeling
1.619Clara Ewane1898
1.622Maria Lehmann1927
1.626Bertha Walter1932
1.632Marie Morel1933
1.638Gustav and Clara Bretschneider1876
1.650Herbert Markewicz1962
1.653Emilie von Horn1892
1.675N.C. Burt1874
1.680Sarah Elizabeth Woodward1874
1.686Elizabeth S. Orr1875
1.687Fritz Seeck1875
1.751Kennethina Maclean
1.765Martin Christopher Hofer1964
1.786Christina Santoro
1.794Franzisca Willmann1880
1.805Maria de Lex1892
1.806Giorgio Janett1906
1.824Anne Hedger1896
1.825Sofia Worthington1883
1.828Alberto Eppler and Antoinette Behles1913
1.837Ann Teede1883
1.838Teresa Schmid1932
1.849Giov., Aless. And Emilia Calandrelli1882
1.855Fred A. Woods
1.875Eugen Aragon1885
1.881Maria Johnson1888
1.887Jakov" Gavriloviq" Chapalov"1886
1.888Theodor Bruans1886
1.889Wulfgang Hauschteck1886
1.898Ellen and Sarah A. Clayton1887
1.903Eliza Jane Johnson1886
1.904Aaron Augustus Morgan1888
1.908Henry William Barfoot1888
1.913Flora Kate Elias Hayim1966
1.914Adamante Sechiari1888
1.915Christo Petzeff1938
1.917James Hill Tait1900
1.931Giulio and Beatrice O'Brien Marignoli1971
1.941Katherine Bender Eppler1890
1.959Ida Brandt1984
1.992Wilhelm Mumme1907
1.994Elsie Rose Rieti nata Rappaport1969
2.019G.P. Gonios1961
2.025Sarah Janet Aked1907
2.039Hermann Effenberger1910
2.040Virginie Ottilie de Kat-Koelman1980
2.046Annemarie Epler1910
2.050Frederick-Junius Sterner
2.060Evgenija Orlova and Boris Orlov1936
2.073August Mau1909
2.074Theda Bakels van Hultzen
2.079John Dennis Paul and Alice Margaret Paul1912
2.080Katherine Cheesebrough Cammann1914
2.084Adolfine Auguste Axenfeld1910
2.087Giovanni Struever1915
2.105Edwin C. Cushman1909
2.110Alexander Cosby Jackson1908
2.113Federico Chamberlain1908
2.116Charles Bevan1909
2.118Pauline Luise Bertha1910
2.119Selina Stanford1911
2.123Lottie Life Clark1912
2.126Alfred Louis Moore
2.133Jane Tolerton and Emily Creeth1917
2.136Charles Robertson Honey1909
2.138Rosamnd Fry Hawthorne
2.141Per Willmers1909
2.144Helene Bamberger1909
2.146Theodor Dimitrieviq Krupenskij1939
2.147Leon Lwow
2.155Isabella Armour Turnbull1907
2.159Martin Potter Jones1909
2.163Frank Mason Gilman1914
2.178Elisabeth Beloch1943
2.189Wolfgang Lotz1981
2.197Carlo Enderle et al1908
2.200Mar Viktorovna Gagarina1924
2.201M. Andreevna Gagarina1917
2.222Louisa Maria Valois1920
2.225Edith Mabel Gotthardt1920
2.237Margaret Morris1919
2.240Catherine Cochrane Alexander1919
2.245Hilda Mold1921
2.246John Edward Plummer1921
2.259Henrietta Webster1922
2.263Frederick Smith1921
2.271Georgina de Klupfell1916
2.272Agnes Carfrae1919
2.276F.K. Lademann1922
2.280Hedwig Frester Krause1923
2.295Sofia Omcikus1965
2.298Rista Radovich nata Perovch1926
2.303Stefano Cezarescu
2.304Christine de Goll1935
2.305Louis Emile Adison de Goll1935
2.362Catherine Bannister1931
2.374Boris Kvitnickij1930
2.389Dragoliub Gjakovitch1917
2.402Olga Karabcevsky1928
2.404Aleksandr Zinoviev1931
2.407Ivanka Polkov Bogdanova1936
2.410Iustinio Osipova1931
2.413Daniel Restoreff1923
2.418meta Schmollig1930
2.425Sofija Lukinixna Lazebnikova1938
2.432Gerhardt Heinrich Clausen1936
2.436Georg Apitzsch1929
2.437Sally von Kugelgen1928
2.438Albrecht Christoff1928
2.439Hugo Oettershagen1926
2.443Anna von Adelman1914
2.448Emilio Fratschol1925
2.449Dirk Boltjes Echtgenoot1926
2.450List Edwin Mansfield1927
2.451…ilda Schusteer1926
2.454Mary Rice Perrin1929
2.457Maria Sokolninsky and Elena Baranovitch1956
2.460Vladimiro and Lidia Schirkiewitch Sokolninsky1943
2.461Alexandra Charin
2.462Thoma Belba
2.464Anna Matcharelli
2.468Florence Anne Potter1929
2.472Alice Maud Mary Tombleson1926
2.505Arthur Edward Hicht1927
2.506William Plank1926
2.507Eleonore MacPherson1926
2.511David Frisby1918
2.516Dorotea Beloch1952
2.520Alice Marsh1929
2.521Dana Marsh1929
2.544Olga Meyendorff1926
2.550Kathleen Blanche Bray1958
2.556Reno Martucci1969
2.565Elisaveta Aleksandrovna Vasilevskaja1929
2.566C.N. and E.N. Miljutina1929
2.571Aleksandra Svijagina1938
2.591Marta Gerstauer1919
2.592Anna Lopez Svasso

Badly damaged stones (2002)

This much shorter list of stones was compiled during the 2002 survey. Although the remit of the survey did not allow for an assessment of conservation needs in some cases it was all too obvious that intervention was urgently required. These stones are those which were extremely badly damaged, that is, that they were in several pieces, that they had collapsed, etc. Many others were seen which had become illegible due to extreme weathering, which were cracked, which were so completely overgrown as to be invisible, etc but there was not an opportunity to record these problems in more depth. This list is offered in order to stimulate further conservation activity at the Cemetery.

Stone noNameYear of death
111Elizabeth P. Lindsay
112Marian Lindsay1960
157Charles Dudley Ryder1826
279John Clayton Manley1844
654Emilia Corrodi
654Salomon Corrodi
666Anne Blaxland1865
809Hubert Frederick Bartlett1898
815Luigi Capellini1943
985Henrietta Tower Wurts1933
1.088Mary Dorothy Mahone1959
1.117Georgiana Maria Smyth1908
1.117John William Payne1884
1.269Caterina Field1885
1.320Ivan" Davydov"1836
1.348Jacow Wackman1963
1.354Adolf Hallman1968
1.494C.A. Wilke1865
1.535Hussey Crespigny Vivian1893
1.535Louisa Alice Vivian1926
1.885Edouard de Tscharner1886
1.916Susanna Alden Mills Ruttledge1888
1.926Helen Le Roy King Scoponi1952
2.096Frank Nutcombe Oxenham1908
2.142Helene Klavness1908
2.382Ljubitza Reinwein1951
2.546Teodoro Edmondo de Krebel1926
2.562George van Ness Hines et al1933

2.6. Material held in the British School at Rome Archive


Inscription records I - Completed records of inscriptions for stones 1-349


Inscription records II - Completed records of inscriptions for stones 350-699


Inscription records III - Completed records of inscriptions for stones 700-1099


Inscription records IV - Completed records of inscriptions for stones 1100-1499


Inscription records V - Completed records of inscriptions for stones 1500-1899


Inscription records VI - Completed records of inscriptions for stones 1900-2299


Inscription records VII - Completed records of inscriptions for stones 2300-2603


Stone/person records I - Completed stone/person record forms for Parte Antica 1-85, Zona Vecchia 86-469


Stone/person records II - Completed stone/person record forms for Zona Prima 470-959


Stone/person records III - Completed stone/person record forms for Zona Prima B 960-1414


Stone/person records IV - Completed stone/person record forms for Zona Seconda 1415-1986


Stone/person records V - Completed stone/person record forms for Zona Terza 1987-2603


Additional stone/person and inscription records - Completed stone/person and inscription record forms for additional stones 9001-9075


Computer print-outs

Miscellaneous computer print-outs – may be redundant


Plans of ‘Parte Antica'

Two dye-lines of plans of the ‘Parte Antica' area of the Cemetery


Correspondence I - Letters 1980-1981 to/from: D. Whitehouse, S.E. Jean Pesmazoglu, Direttore del Cimitero, C. Krause, A.Walker, H.E. British Ambassador


Correspondence II - Letters 1981-1982 to/from: D. Whitehouse, S. Rahtz, C. Krause, H.E. Greek Ambassador, H.E. British Ambassador, C. Nylander, H.E. Swedish Ambassador


Correspondence III - Letters 1982-1983 to/from: D. Whitehouse, C. Krause, S. Rahtz


Correspondence IV - Letters 1983-1984 to/from: C. Nylander, S. Rahtz, D. Whitehouse, S. Krause


Correspondence V - Letters 1984-1988 to/from: C. Nylander, S. Rahtz, G. Barker, A. Claridge, P. Vian


General correspondence

Post-project correspondence 1984-1994 – including General Commission correspondence

Photo PCY-1

‘Films' L, M, N, P, Q, R, S, T, V - 18x12.5cm photos

3 larger photos - 29.5x21cm

Plus the files resulting from the 2001-02 project – three box files, not yet accessioned to the archive

2.7. Material held in the Istituto Svedese Archive

2.8. Contacts

British School at Rome

(info@bsrome.it) Via Gramsci 61, 00197 Roma, Italy

The BSR archaeology archive contains the original record sheets of both the major projects undertaken in the Cemetery, with some associated material. They also hold a set of reports produced by Agneta Freccero (see below).

For further information contact Andrew Wallace-Hadrill (director@bsrome.it) Director of the BSR and former Chairman of the Cemetery Aesthetic Committee, and Sarah Court (s.court@bsrome.it) who organised the 2001-02 project as a Research Assistant at the School.

Fototeca of the Bibliotheca Herziana

(riebes@biblhertz.it) Via Gregoriana 28, 00187 Roma, Italy

The Fototeca should hold the photographic documentation of the monuments with the most art-historical value.

Svenska Institutet i Rom

(srisv@vatlib.it ) Via Omero 14, 00197 Roma, Italy

The Swedish Institute holds the correspondence and documentation about the setting up and funding of the 1980s project.

For conservation information contact Agneta Freccero (agnetafreccero@yahoo.it) c/o Svenska Institutet who has undertaken conservation work in the Cemetery and documented her results. These reports are also held at the BSR.